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Two Brains

A little poem I wrote about our two brains.. Why do we have two brains inside, does anyone really ask Hardly connected seperate things, how many people are behind each mask Most divided of any creature, corpus colosseum reducing in size Evolution – this must be a good idea, to who is this a surprise […]

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Modern Life

Redundant ? Yippeee!

It’s not really a great word. There is something about being ‘made redundant’ which implies somehow you have no more value, like an old worn out robot being thrown on the trash heap as the new shiny one arrives. The dictionary defines it as “no longer needed’ or ‘superfluous’. Everyone wants to be needed, to […]

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The Tale of Two Wolves

I love this video about a Native American tradition about ‘which wolf we feed’ and I show it at my mindfulness training programs. The idea is that our habits feed our reality and where our attention goes, our energy flows. This is why it is so important to set intentions about how we want to […]

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