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Quorum Sensing

Wow – yesterday I had so many tingles down my spine I had to pull over on the side of the Windsor Road to take a moment. I was driving to Billabong to present one of my Mindfulness programs and had been listening to Zach Bush MD who’s teaching I have been newly introduced to. […]

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Two Brains

A little poem I wrote about our two brains.. Why do we have two brains inside, does anyone really ask Hardly connected seperate things, how many people are behind each mask Most divided of any creature, corpus colosseum reducing in size Evolution – this must be a good idea, to who is this a surprise […]

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Modern Life

Redundant ? Yippeee!

It’s not really a great word. There is something about being ‘made redundant’ which implies somehow you have no more value, like an old worn out robot being thrown on the trash heap as the new shiny one arrives. The dictionary defines it as “no longer needed’ or ‘superfluous’. Everyone wants to be needed, to […]

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Kindness is King

By Paul von Bergen Compassion and kindness starts with the self. This is not narcissistic or self-centred but the best contribution you can make to the universe. When you love yourself you will project love to others. When you hate yourself this is what you will radiate. Being kind to yourself is really about being […]

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Book: This Naked Mind

Wow – this book is a game changer. This is going to do for alcohol what the Alan Carr book did to help millions of people come off the crazy addiction of smoking. I highly recommend listening to the audio book rather than reading it as the audio book is narrated by the author Annie […]

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Instinct vs Impulse by Paul von Bergen

On first look, an impulse can feel very much like an instinct. It comes from inside and seems to drive you to do something. Instincts also come from inside but are more a general gut feeling that you should follow a particular path. Impulses are not always good for you whereas instincts usually are. If […]

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