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How to Make New Year Intentions Stick

It’s that time of the year where new resolutions and intentions are set, but how do we actually make them stick? Here are some quick and easy tips. Limit how many resolutions you have to three (If you accomplish them early, then add more) Work out how you’ll deal with the temptations that come up. […]

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Lotus Dreaming Poem by Tory

Arriving, perfect timing. Late, fate hesitate Coming here to mediate Quiet night, dream inside others moving different tides. Sitting breathing frogs I’m hearing, listening and learning ancient dreaming Outside stillness inside stirring New ways to be, I am learning Body nourished real food yearning Relaxing now and life time caring Fire outside crackles brightly Some […]

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A Beautiful Thing…

What a beautiful gift. From one human to another. The gift of life. Just watched the last ten minutes of a SBS documentary with Caroline Quentin, Passage Through India. It featured an incredible place where babies are brought into this world in a safe and loving environment. Where expectant ladies can spend their pregnancy together […]

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Indigenous Wisdom by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen If you have read the article on perspective, then you will realize that the amount of time that Europeans have been in Australia is miniscule compared to the time that indigenous people have. About 250 years versus 40,000 years – 0.00625% of the time to be exact. The changes that Europeans […]

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